Tokyo Electron Limited: The Equipment Manufacturer For The Next-Generation Semiconductor Devices

Top 10 Semiconductor Manufacturing Solutions Companies in APAC - 2022

Asia Pacific’s semiconductor manufacturing market was valued at over USD 46 billion in 2018 and is projected to expand at a CAGR of 5.7 per cent by the end of 2027. The impetus behind this substantial growth is the increasing adoption of smart electronic devices, which is bolstering the associated manufacturing aspects. These electronics are finding quintessential applications across a myriad of automotive use cases, propelling the manufacturing industry by rapid strides. Moreover, the rising prevalence of IoT, artificial intelligence, and connected devices across numerous industries is also enabling this growth.

Several local governments are actively formulating strategies that strengthen APAC’s stature in the global manufacturing industry. Such initiatives provide tax rebates, funds, subsidies, and other incentives that are attracting manufacturers to establish plans in APAC countries. Though the market is fragmented owing to the presence and participation of several industries, the competitive dynamic is expected to transform in the upcoming years, enhancing APAC’s electronics manufacturing capabilities.

This edition of Semiconductor Review APAC brings the spotlight on the key developments in APAC’s semiconductor manufacturing domain and how companies are leveraging contemporary technologies to mitigate the risks associated with mercurial market scenarios. The edition features the Top 10 Semiconductor Manufacturing Solution Providers in 2022, such as TOKYO ELECTRON LIMITED. These companies offer innovative production equipment, electroplating solutions, repeatable particle counters, and more, helping APAC’s electronics industry navigate the myriad of challenges associated with manufacturing. We also feature thought leadership articles by Peter McNeil, Senior Marketing Communications Manager at Infinite Electronics and Dr Hans-Jurgen Braun, Senior Vice President of Operations at Vitesco, sharing their views on how technological advancements in semiconductor packing are critical for the development of the optoelectronics and how AI will redefine APAC’s manufacturing segment.

We hope the valuable insights from industry thought leaders and the cutting-edge solutions from the features companies in this edition help you make informed decisions. Let us know your thoughts / write to us about how you are leveraging these semiconductor manufacturing solutions in your organizations.

    Top Semiconductor Manufacturing Solutions Companies in APAC

  • Tokyo Electron Limited (TEL) is a renowned manufacturer of semiconductor production equipment, offering a broad lineup of equipment and reliable service and support to customers. With its cutting-edge technology and superior technical services for clients, TEL is poised to seize the market for the next ten years and more and contribute to industries and create a dream-inspiring society

  • A market leader in electroplating solutions that deliver chemistry, equipment, service, and software for innovative technology applications which includes consumer electronics, communication infrastructure, automotive, heavy machinery, and household appliances

  • The semiconductor manufacturing firm is experienced in handling various wafers like Gallium Arsenide Phosphide (GaAsP), Lead Sulfide Crystal (PbS), Indium Phosphide(InP), Indium Gallium Arsenide (InGaAs), Gallium Phosphide(GaP), Silicon, Germanium. The company initially specialized in metal can packaging but has since expanded to include different forms of optoelectronics and sensor device packaging (moulded plastic packages and other advanced packaging). Bell Electronics is focused on developing assembly processes and materials to help customers’ product development efforts. In addition, the company focuses on equipment automation and upgrades to suit clients’ needs for high-volume manufacturing at low assembly costs.

  • The company manufactures lamination, tape removal, wafer/substrate mounting, and UV Irradiation equipment, in addition, to providing clients with a wide array of semiconductor manufacturing solutions. For over a quarter of a century, TTS has been creating customized solutions to address varied customer requirements through its 'Haru, Hagasu, and Hakobu' technologies, catering to major semiconductor foundries primarily in Taiwan and several customers around the world. Leaders at TTS firmly believe in the idea of working closely with material partners and equipment manufacturers while developing a certain process in a collaborative effort.

  • TestInsight empowers test, product and DFT engineers with innovative tools for creating efficient test programs.With its agile approach, the firm assists engineers to reduce the production test time and make itmore predictable by bridging simulation, ATPG and test while accelerating test program.

  • TSI has been doing particle counting for a long time—since 1961—being recognized in the industry for providing accurate, repeatable particle counters to monitor ultra-clean manufacturing environments. No other suppliers in the industry rival its expert industry knowledge that drives the innovation to deliver unmatched instrument capabilities the market demands. Every day, TSI challenges itself to understand customer problems and offer accurate, reliable, and low-cost of ownership instruments that ensure customer success.

  • AGC


    AGC Group has made a commitment to positioning electronics-related business as one of its strategic initiatives. AGC intends to continue making aggressive capital investment in semiconductor-related business, which is expected to see significant growth in demand in the coming years, to contribute to further development of the semiconductor industry

  • With more than 40 years of experience, GPM Corp is committed to the field of smart manufacturing, building a smart machinery platform, providing consulting, research and development, smart equipment, and related equipment for semiconductor packaging processes

  • HOYA


    HOYA strives to create new value through innovation based on its advanced optics technologies. Over the years, HOYA Corporation eventually built up a diverse business portfolio, where they are present in the semiconductor manufacturing, glass substrates for HDDs, eyeglass lenses, contact lenses and medical endoscopes industries

  • Shen-Yueh Technology

    Shen-Yueh Technology

    SHEN-YUEH TECHNOLOGY specializes in engineering plastic and metal precision machining to provide semiconductor panels and other products for our customers. For more than 10 years, they have solved problems of design, development, and organization optimization and increased the lifecycle of parts, reducing costs for many customers and quickly providing manufacturing samples to reduce customer development time